Three lost years under Labour on harbour crossing

Labour’s incompetence at delivering on Transport infrastructure has meant three wasted years on progressing another Auckland harbour crossing, says National’s Transport spokesperson Chris Bishop.

“While Aucklanders sit in traffic over the harbour in the coming weeks, they need to know that Labour’s ideological dislike of new roads and incompetence at delivering new infrastructure has further delayed a critical project for Auckland.

“The last National Government progressed work on an additional harbour crossing, which we said would be a tunnel, needed between 2025 and 2030. Since the change of Government, no substantive work has been done on those plans, and Aucklanders will be the poorer for it.

“The next National-led Government will get on with the job of building an additional harbour crossing in the form of a tunnel for road and rail. Our aim is to start construction in 2028 but to work as quickly as possible to bring it forward to 2025, if possible. It will be New Zealand’s biggest ever infrastructure project and will add resilience to the network, increase travel options for Aucklanders, and drive economic growth.

“Only National can deliver on infrastructure for Auckland. This Government’s rotten record is one of utter incompetence at failure – whether it be light rail, KiwiBuild, or cancelled roads around the country.”

“The only thing Transport Minister Phil Twyford can progress is endless paperwork and ‘business cases’. He has nothing to show for three years of talk.

“Labour have had three years to advance design and engineering work. Nothing has happened and a solution can’t be created overnight. National knows how to deliver transformational transport projects. Where Labour have failed, National will deliver.”

You can read our Policy on building a second Harbour Crossing here.