National is working hard for New Zealanders.

We have a clear plan to make New Zealand a stronger, more prosperous country and it’s a plan that’s working. Our economy is performing well - we’re creating more jobs, lifting incomes, and providing essential services and support that families need.

This term we are focusing on four main priorities:

Responsibly managing the Government's finances

Since entering government, we've been working towards achieving surplus and reducing debt. In 2015 we were one of the first developed countries to get our books back to surplus following the global financial crisis. We’re now on track for rising surpluses and falling debt. We will continue to focus on maintaining tight fiscal discipline and demanding better results from public service, while still supporting families.

We are working to:

  • Maintain rising operating surpluses.
  • Reduce Crown debt to 20 per cent of GDP by 2020.
  • Tackle difficult challenges such as welfare dependency.
  • Deliver better results for families and better value for taxpayers.

Building a more competitive and productive economy

Our economy is performing well. We’re on track for solid economic and job growth to continue over the next few years. This term we’re working to continue building a stronger economy based on investment, exports, and savings driven through our Business Growth Agenda.

Our Business Growth Agenda includes around 350 initiatives to help grow the economy, expand businesses, and create jobs in six critical areas:

  • Export markets.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Capital markets.
  • Innovation.
  • Skilled and safe workplaces.
  • Natural resources.

Delivering better public services

We are helping families in areas such as welfare, education, health and law and order.

We’re getting results, finding new and better ways to deliver services, and continuing to get better value for money. This is changing the way the public service is thinking and operating and is making a difference that improves the lives of New Zealanders.

We're working towards specific targets to:

  • Lift student achievement across our education system.

  • Reduce crime to help keep your family and your community safe.

  • Deliver better, sooner, more convenient healthcare.

  • Ensure welfare is there for those who need it, while helping more people back into work.

  • Better support and protect vulnerable children.

  • Help more New Zealanders into warmer, drier, healthier housing.

Continuing to support the rebuilding of Christchurch

Since greater Christchurch was struck by a series of strong earthquakes, including the devastating earthquake of 22 February 2011, we’ve stood by the people of Canterbury.

The Government has now contributed more than $17 billion to the rebuild and the region is now moving from a phase of recovery to regeneration. This new regeneration phase is not just about rebuilding Christchurch, but also fulfilling the long-held potential of New Zealand’s second largest city so it becomes an even better place to live, work, and raise a family in.

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