National’s plan to get New Zealand back on track

Christopher Luxon and National will get our country back on track by:

  • Fixing the economy to reduce the cost-of-living
  • Restoring law and order, and
  • Improving our schools and healthcare.

This election is about the economy and who is best able to manage it to help you get ahead.

Kiwis are struggling because the economy is damaged. This has seen costs outstrip wages as food, fuel, rents and mortgages skyrocket, creating a cost-of-living crisis. Crime has increased. And the Government is spending an extra $28,000 per household each year but this money is being wasted on bureaucrats, consultants, and ideological projects. That's instead of bolstering the frontline services we need like Police, nurses, doctors and midwives and ensuring our kids are taught the basics.

National will fix the economy

Christopher Luxon and National will get our country back on track by fixing the economy to reduce the cost of living, restoring law and order and improving our schools and healthcare.

To fix the economy National will:

  • Stop wasteful spending and get the books in order
  • Give you tax relief
  • Cut red tape
  • Grow skills, attract talent
  • Drive technology and innovation
  • Build infrastructure for growth, and
  • Encourage trade and investment.

Our Policies

Reducing the cost-of-living

New Zealanders are being stung by the fastest increase in interest rates since the Official Cash Rate was established, and food prices are the highest ever.

National has a plan to address the drivers of these increases and we’ll provide tax relief so you can get ahead.

Dealing with inflation

Delivering tax relief


Restoring law and order

The Labour government is soft on crime and offenders are making the most of it.

Under National, offenders will face consequences for their actions and the culture of excuses will end.

Combatting youth offending

Delivering better health and education

Despite the best efforts of teachers and health workers, New Zealand’s once-proud education and health systems are failing too many New Zealanders.

National will get back to basics, focus on the frontline, set targets and get better results.

Teaching the basics brilliantly

Delivering more nurses and midwives

Building infrastructure

A modern, growing economy needs resilient, well-maintained infrastructure.

A National government will work alongside industry to invest in the infrastructure we all rely on – from safe roads to more renewable energy.

Electrify NZ

Local water done well

More of our policies

Getting back to farming

Welfare that works