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Restoring New Zealand's Prosperity

September 20, 2020 Share

The lives and livelihoods of many New Zealanders have been upended by the pandemic and many businesses, large and small, have been pushed to the brink by events out of their control. Families are suffering as a result. Our economy has shrunk and our public debt has ballooned.

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Pre-Election Fiscal Update 2020

September 16, 2020 Share

Today’s Pre-election Economic and Fiscal Update forecasts a longer and more painful economic crisis than earlier forecast and requires a serious growth plan to get New Zealand back on track.

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6 Highlights from National’s Education Policy

September 14, 2020 Share

National understands education is the greatest investment we can make in our future. We will prioritise lifting academic achievement for all children, no matter their background or ability. We will provide better support for children with additional learning needs, so that every child is able to get the start in life they deserve.

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National’s 7-point plan for children’s first 1000 days

September 04, 2020 Share

National understands the first one thousand days of a child’s life is the most critical period in their development. We’ve committed to a seven-part First 1000 Days policy to target spending to create better lives for young Kiwis.

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Tiwai - Supporting Southland Jobs

August 28, 2020 Share

A National Government will facilitate negotiations between Rio Tinto, power companies and Transpower to achieve a more cost competitive environment to keep the Tiwai Point Aluminium Smelter open.

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Our 2020 Party List

August 08, 2020 Share

National’s 2020 Party List is a strong mix of experience coming up through our Caucus, and new and exciting talent joining our team from communities across New Zealand.

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$4 billion investment to end Wellington’s congestion

August 05, 2020 Share

This is an exciting day for Wellington and the Hutt Valley. Can I acknowledge local MP Chris Bishop who is also National’s spokesperson for Transport and Infrastructure.

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Launching Business Start

July 29, 2020 Share

It is great to be in Petone today to announce the next stage of National’s Plan to Get New Zealand Working.

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Delivering Infrastructure - Upper North Island

July 17, 2020 Share

Ladies and Gentlemen: May I first thank Beca for hosting us today. Today I’m announcing the biggest infrastructure package in New Zealand’s history. It will transform our country. It will transform the Upper North Island. And it will transform Auckland.

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Paul Goldsmith: Speech to INFINZ, Getting New Zealand Back on Track

July 16, 2020 Share

The year 2020 will surely prove to be one of the most dramatic and volatile years in recent history – in health, in the economy and in politics.

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