100-Day Plan

We understand New Zealanders expect more than just promises; they want delivery. That's why we launched an ambitious 100-day plan that included concrete actions aimed at improving the lives of people across the country.

Our focus is clear: rebuild the economy, ease the cost of living, restore law and order, and deliver better public services.

Here are just some of the actions we took in our first 100 days: 


Rebuilding the economy & easing the cost of living

  • Started cutting wasteful spending
  • Refocused the Reserve Bank on reducing inflation
  • Cancelled fuel tax hikes
  • Repealed the Ute Tax
  • Stopped work on Labour’s Jobs Tax
  • Started efforts to double renewable energy production
  • Stopped blanket speed limit reductions
  • Reintroduced 90-day trials for all businesses
  • Announced new transport plan, featuring 15 new Roads of National Significance
  • Repealed Three Waters


Restoring law and order

  • Abolished Labour’s prisoner reduction target
  • Introduced legislation to ban gang patches, stop gang members gathering in public, and stop gang offenders from communicating with one another
  • Introduced legislation to give Police greater powers to search gang members for firearms
  • Took steps to extend eligibility for rehabilitation programmes to remand prisoners
  • Started work to crack down on serious youth offending 


Delivering better public services

  • Required primary and intermediate schools to teach an hour each of reading,
    writing and maths per day
  • Banned the use of cell phones in schools
  • Improved security for health workers in hospital emergency departments
  • Took steps to extend free breast cancer screening to those aged up to 74
  • Set five major health targets, including for wait times and cancer treatment.


These actions were just the start. You can view all the 49 actions here.