Shovels Sit Idle In Wellington

Nicola Willis, National’s List MP based in Wellington is calling on Labour to fully release the list of shovel ready projects and get Kiwis back to work.

“Despite submitting a substantial list of potential projects in April, the people of Wellington are still waiting to hear whether any have got the green light,” Ms Willis says.

More than three weeks ago, the Government hinted it had $185 million for the Wellington region but wouldn't confirm which projects would be approved. None are underway.

Meanwhile more than 200,000 construction workers have received the Wage Subsidy and more than 200,000 New Zealanders are in receipt of unemployment benefits.

“Wellington can't afford to wait any longer,” Ms Willis says.

"With 13,676 of Wellington’s working age population now on the JobSeeker benefit we don’t have the luxury of waiting for the Minister’s cynical reveal.

“This secretive approach adds insult to injury for our region. Despite the rhetoric, we are yet to see a single “Let’s Get Wellington Moving” project delivered by this Government, with essential initiatives like doubling the Mt. Victoria tunnel delayed into the never-never.

"National will get the diggers moving and people back to work.”