Seven day 3 tests – how many are being missed?

Several cases of Covid-19 have been picked up by day 3 tests over the past few days, which highlights why it must be compulsory, National’s Health spokesperson Dr Shane Reti says.

Yesterday alone there were seven cases picked up in managed isolation from day 3 tests.

“It is quite possible there are unknown positives at Day 3 and we want their families, co-mingling cohorts and isolation staff to all be safe.

“Experts such as Professor Michael Baker, Professor Shaun Hendy and Dr Ashley Bloomfield have stressed the importance of day 3 tests so it is time that Chris Hipkins caught up.

“The Minister has arrogantly dismissed Day 3 testing as irrelevant despite being unable to even count up how many people have not been tested. This is exactly the sort of complacency that led to another hole in the border when the Government failed to test border-facing staff.

“National will protect New Zealanders from Covid-19 and allow our economy to flourish with a comprehensive border plan that includes mandatory weekly testing of all border staff.

“We are a constructive opposition seeking to lift the collective bar. Compulsory Day 3 testing is a constructive proposal and we challenge Chris Hipkins to lift the bar.”