Rotorua deserves urgent answers around quarantine

It’s outrageous the Government has bused newly arrived international passengers into Rotorua under the cover of darkness to quarantine them in the CBD, Rotorua MP Todd McClay says.

“As many as 239 newly-arrived people are quarantining in two hotels in Rotorua, and the Government didn’t even bother to tell locals that they were moving these people from Auckland to Rotorua.

“Rotorua citizens woke on Sunday morning to learn that these passengers arrived in up to four buses between 10pm and midnight last night and have been given zero assurance about health and safety. There are reports that hotel workers were not even informed that quarantine passengers were arriving.

“This is frankly not good enough. Rotorua people made huge sacrifices, along with the rest of New Zealand during lockdown. Some have lost jobs, businesses and livelihoods in the process.

“The Government couldn’t even be bothered to show them the courtesy of informing them before turning their hotels into quarantine facilities.

“Jacinda Ardern’s Government owes us some answers and urgently;

  1. Has every person arriving in Rotorua been tested for Covid-19
  2. Has anyone displayed symptoms and signs of Covid-19
  3. Where have the passengers come from
  4. Will they be confined to these hotels or are they able to exercise as has been reported in Auckland 
  5. What precautions have been taken to ensure hotel workers and their families safety
  6. Why wasn’t the Rotorua community informed before busing people here for quarantine 
  7. How many other hotels will be used and how many people will be quarantined in Rotorua

“The public have lost confidence in the shambolic quarantine system. Rotorua needs answers now.”