Restoring law and order

Ensuring people are safe in their homes, on the streets and in their workplaces is one of the most fundamental responsibilities of any government.

But over the last six years, this Labour Government has not lived up to that responsibility.

Violent crime is up 33 per cent, serious assaults have more than doubled, and gang membership is up 70 per cent.

Dairy owners and other small businesses already struggling with a weak economy and prolonged cost-of-living crisis are also having to deal with an unprecedented barrage of ram raids and smash and grabs.

Gangs are being allowed to overrun entire towns, take over motorways, beat people up in broad daylight, and intimidate and threaten members of the public.

Even when criminals are arrested and charged, they are too often being slapped with a wet bus ticket by the courts and sent back into the community.

This is not the New Zealand any of us grew up in. Nor is it the New Zealand any of us should accept.

New Zealand can be the safest country in the world. New Zealand needs a government that will do what is needed to restore law and order and end the culture of excuses.

A National Government will restore real consequences for crime, give police powers to tackle gangs, combat ram raiding and youth offending, and ensure victims are placed at the heart of our justice system.

National’s plan to restore law and order

  1. Backing police with new tools to crack down on criminal gangs.
  2. Delivering more police on the beat.
  3. Ensuring criminals face real consequences for their crimes.
  4. Dealing effectively with ram raids and serious youth offending.
  5. Delivering faster justice for victims and better rehabilitation for offenders.

At this election, only a vote for National is a vote to restore law and order and deliver a government that takes seriously the responsibility of keeping New Zealanders safe.

Read National’s full plan for Restoring law and order