Real consequences for crime

National will strengthen consequences for crime, increase support for victims, and ensure remand prisoners receive proper rehabilitation.

National believes that every New Zealander deserves to feel safe in their home, community and workplace. But under Labour's leadership, our country has become less safe.

In just five years, violent crime has increased by 33 per cent, gangs are growing faster than police, and retail crime has doubled. One contributor to this spike in criminal activity is the weak consequences faced by offenders.

Labour's approach of aiming to reduce the prison population by 30 per cent while failing to reduce crime is fundamentally flawed.

Unlike Labour, who want to empty our prisons without reducing crime, National’s priority is public safety and victims.

National will scrap the Government's misguided target of reducing the prison population by 30 per cent. Instead, we will focus on genuinely reducing crime, recognising this is the only safe way to decrease the prison population over time.


National’s plan to restore real consequences for crime

1) Stronger sentences for convicted criminals

National will introduce stronger sentences for convicted criminals, by limiting the ability of judges to reduce sentences, making gang membership an aggravating factor, restoring Three Strikes and ending taxpayer funding for cultural reports.

2) More support for victims

National will provide more support for victims through increased funding for grants to support access to counselling, mental health services, or help with transport costs when attending court hearings.

3) Proper rehabilitation for remand prisoners

National will extend eligibility for offence-based rehabilitation programmes to remand prisoners who are currently unable to access them.


National stands for a safer New Zealand, where criminals face appropriate consequences for their actions. By prioritising public safety and taking proactive measures to reduce crime, we aim to create an environment where New Zealanders can once again feel safe in their daily lives.

Read more about our plan to restore real consequences for crime here.