Police Minister’s silence is deafening

Police Minister Poto Williams needs to publicly denounce Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon’s comments that New Zealand’s police are racist, National’s Police spokesperson Simeon Brown says.

“Meng Foon’s comments have been condemned by both the Police Commissioner and the Police Association, yet Police Minister Poto Williams has gone quiet for four days now.

“This is unacceptable. Police deserve to know whether or not their Minister backs them.

“The accusation of racism was a kick in the guts to frontline officers who risk their lives daily to keep our communities safe. They don’t get to choose which incidents they respond to.

“Our Police do an incredible job considering the Government has failed to give them the tools they need to deal with the new and dangerous challenges they are facing.

“Meng Foon’s comments detract from the efforts Police have made around diversity and undermine public confidence in frontline officers at a time when they face unprecedented violence our streets in the form of daily firearm incidents and exploding gang numbers.

“The least Poto Williams could do is show her support for frontline police officers and condemn Meng Foon’s unfounded accusation.”