PM needs to make captain’s call on border security

The Prime Minister needs to make a captain’s call to better secure our borders and improve quarantine management, Leader of the Opposition Todd Muller says.

“Everyone knows Health Minister David Clark is out of his league – and that from day one the Prime Minister has been running the health portfolio and every aspect of the Covid-19 response.

“The sacrifice of the ‘team of five million’ cannot be put at risk by a clumsy and incompetent Government that allows bureaucrats to run the show by deciding which of the rules they are going to apply on any given day.

“The Government only does that when it’s covering for a weak minister. David Clark needs to be sacked.

“In the past few weeks there have been multiple incidents, from the Crowne Plaza to Avatar to this situation, where the management of Covid-19 has been left wanting.

“As New Zealand faces the worst economic crisis in 160 years, the last thing this country needs is the team of five million’s success in fighting Covid-19 being undermined by the international media now panning us for lax border controls and being unsafe.

“The Prime Minister now needs to make another captain’s call to protect New Zealanders’ jobs and their family income.

“The Prime Minister must immediately adopt National’s safe and stringent procedures for secure borders announced last week.”