One rule for gangs, another for everyone else

The Government’s penchant to cuddle up to gangs has been laid out for all to see as Waikato Mongrel Mob President Sonny Fatu was given an ‘Essential Worker’ exemption and allowed to travel across the Auckland boundary, National’s Police spokesperson Simeon Brown says.

“Over the past few weeks New Zealanders have heard story after story of students who were prohibited from crossing the boundary to go to school, families who haven’t been able to visit dying loved ones, and even a father who was unable to be at the birth of his triplets.

“It is a kick in the guts for those who have been unable to cross the Auckland boundary to now hear a gang member has been designated an essential worker.

“Labour has argued that Mr Fatu was needed to support the health response, but it won’t explain exactly what he was required to do. Neither will the Government explain the extent of the outbreak amongst gangs in South Auckland to justify the need for his ‘intervention’.

“New Zealanders are sick and tired of seeing gang members break the law and then given special treatment. This comes not long after it was revealed the Government handed out $2.75 million to a gang heading up a shoddy meth programme and a Covid positive gang member was allowed to isolate at home rather than go into quarantine like everyone else.

“In recent weeks they’ve totally ignored the restrictions the rest of the country has been abiding by and smuggled drugs, cash, guns and even people across the Auckland boundary into the Waikato.

“It now seems gang leaders can get exemptions far easier than many struggling businesses trying to move their goods, or employees trying to get to work.

“Labour has a lot to answer here, but for a start it should front up to those Kiwis who have been desperately trying to cross the Auckland boundary for good reasons, and have been denied by the Government.

“On the face of it, there is quite clearly one rule for the gangs, and another for everyone else.”