Offshore wind to power up the economy

National will fast track investment in offshore wind to deliver more renewable energy, lower emissions and help rebuild the economy, National Leader Christopher Luxon says.

“National wants a growing New Zealand economy powered by clean energy from our abundant renewable energy, including from offshore wind.

“New Zealand’s Exclusive Economic Zone covers four million square kilometres of ocean. Less than one per cent of that could generate 600 per cent of this country’s electricity needs from renewable energy.

“Investment in offshore wind has taken off in other countries, but not in New Zealand because after six years, Labour has not delivered long-awaited rules.

“Today, I am proud to announce that National will fast track rules to unleash investment in offshore wind generation as part of our plan to Electrify NZ.”

National will:
• Fast track permits for offshore wind so feasibility studies can get underway.
• Complete the development of offshore wind regulations within one year to unleash investment.
• Require decisions on resource consents for offshore wind generation within two years of an application.
• Require consents for new transmission lines to be issued within one year and eliminate consents for upgrades to existing transmission lines, within limits.
• Work with Crown Research Institutes to publish weather and geology data to accelerate investment in offshore wind.

“National will also support local port upgrades for offshore wind by establishing a National Infrastructure Agency to improve funding, procurement and delivery of infrastructure, and look to provide further support through City and Regional Deals.

“National will unleash investment in offshore wind to deliver more clean, renewable energy and help rebuild the New Zealand economy so Kiwis can get ahead.”