NZTA road closures shortsighted call from disconnected Wellington

NZTA’s announcement this week that it intends to close Arthur’s Pass and Porter’s Pass whenever it snows is yet another blow for Selwyn communities on both sides of the Southern Alps facing an already uncertain post-COVID 19 season, National’s candidate for Selwyn Nicola Grigg says.

“This is a backwards step that completely undermines the Government’s claim it wants to help businesses recover in what will already be a tough season for many operators in this part of our electorate, particularly ski fields.

“Thousands of jobs rely on the success of Selwyn’s six ski fields and all the other businesses that support them.

“Regular users of these roads know the policy is unreasonable - already over 13,000 people have signed the petition urging Minister Phil Twyford to overturn this decision. It will not only have a devastating impact on Selwyn businesses but on residents who need to travel in the alpine parts of the Selwyn electorate, and to and from the West Coast.

“This is yet another nanny state decision being made by people in Wellington with no consideration of the impact on people’s lives, all at a time when Road User Charges and Fuel Tax have never been higher.

“I call on NZTA to reconsider this over the top, ridiculous policy. I will be attending the public meeting in Castle Hill on Wednesday and encourage as many others as possible to join.”