Now is not the time to ease back on Covid testing

Restricting Covid-19 tests at a time when New Zealand is seeing a case resurgence is the wrong way to go, National’s Health spokesperson Michael Woodhouse says

“If reports this morning that testing for every person with a cough or a cold symptom has been dropped are accurate then it would be yet another example of incompetence of the Government.

“New Zealand’s team of five million worked hard and sacrificed a lot to get us to Level 1. Pulling back on testing now would put all of the benefits from that team effort at risk.

“Let’s not forget the Prime Ministers call to ‘test test test’ which was a key message from the Government during the lockdown.

“The Ministry has the resources to continue to test for Covid-19 at the same capacity as before. It is bizarre that just when the risk of the virus returns, it takes its foot off the gas.

“New cases continue to climb and the focus needs be testing anyone with symptoms. Easing back on these restrictions will just lead to more cases going unnoticed.

“National believes testing should be the Government’s utmost priority. We will continue to fight for the health of New Zealanders during this epidemic.“