Launching Business Start

July 29, 2020 Share

It is great to be in Petone today to announce the next stage of National’s Plan to Get New Zealand Working.

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Delivering Infrastructure - Upper North Island

July 17, 2020 Share

Ladies and Gentlemen: May I first thank Beca for hosting us today. Today I’m announcing the biggest infrastructure package in New Zealand’s history. It will transform our country. It will transform the Upper North Island. And it will transform Auckland.

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Paul Goldsmith: Speech to INFINZ, Getting New Zealand Back on Track

July 16, 2020 Share

The year 2020 will surely prove to be one of the most dramatic and volatile years in recent history – in health, in the economy and in politics.

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Our Plan to Get New Zealand Working

July 09, 2020 Share

It is fantastic to be in Christchurch today to meet with Canterbury’s business community.

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Coalition fractured

June 04, 2020 Share

Over the last few days, we have seen a Government that is completely fractured and entirely divergent in terms of how New Zealand should be responding to the Covid crisis.

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Families, communities and small business

May 29, 2020 Share

It’s great to be in Auckland. I’m pleased to be giving my first formal speech as Leader of the New Zealand National Party here, and to be with my Deputy Leader Nikki Kaye for whom this city is home. 

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Opinion Piece: Paul Goldsmith

May 24, 2020 Share

Passions have been running high in the National Party this week. We’ve had a contest and Todd Muller has succeeded.

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Todd Muller - Leader

May 22, 2020 Share

The past few months, our country has made many sacrifices.

You have made many sacrifices. You have put a lot on the line to get us through this crisis.

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