New Zealand’s Transport in disarray under Labour

News that just three months after funding was confirmed in ATAP 2021-2031 the Eastern Busway will now be delayed is just another sign that Labour can’t manage New Zealand’s transport priorities, National’s Transport spokesperson Michael Woodhouse says.

“Auckland Transport told councillors yesterday that walking and cycling investment is putting pressure on Auckland Transport’s Capital Programme and the critically important Eastern Busway would need to have $450 million of spending delayed.

“This is yet another example of how the Transport portfolio has fallen into disarray under the Labour Government.

“In just the last few months we have seen light rail further delayed and re-evaluated. The investment in Mill Road, Southern Motorway Widening and Tauranga Northern Link that was announced only last year, now cancelled. Councils have been told there isn’t enough money for maintenance of regional roads.

“Meanwhile we have $785 million allocated for a cycle bridge.

“There isn’t a single major transport investment planned and started under this Government. Meanwhile, major projects are continually on-again, off-again.

“What is Transport Minister Michael Wood doing?

“The Eastern Busway is a critical project to de-clog Eastern Auckland.

“This was a project started and funded under the previous National Government, with the first stage completed in 2014.

“Earlier this month Southern Auckland was told to wait for transport improvements while Labour prioritised a cycle bridge. Now Eastern Auckland is suffering from the continued lack of delivery by Labour.

“National will deliver the Eastern Busway. National will prioritise transport spending in Auckland and across the country. We will build a second harbour crossing for cars and public transport, we will build Mill Road, and we will widen the Southern Motorway.”