National’s Commitments to Seniors

A National government will rebuild the economy so seniors can benefit from lower inflation and better public services.

National knows the best way to increase Super payments is to grow the economy. The last National Government grew Super at twice the rate of inflation. That’s what a growing economy and low inflation does.

National will keep the NZ Super age at 65 until 2044, when it will be gradually lifted to 67. This change won’t affect anyone born before 1979.

Under National, NZ Super will continue to be linked to 66 per cent of average after-tax incomes, so it will rise every year. It will also increase by more than usual as a result of National’s Back Pocket Boost tax relief plan, which will increase after-tax wages.

We will get the cost of living under control and grow the economy and wages so that all Kiwis, including seniors, can get ahead.

Under Labour, economic growth has stalled. Labour’s economic mismanagement has been so bad that inflation has been out of control for more than two years.

National has a plan to rebuild the economy and get it working for all New Zealanders. National will stop Labour’s wasteful spending, give hard working Kiwis tax relief, remove red tape, build infrastructure for growth - like roads and transport, drive technology and innovation, support trade and investment and grow skills and keep talent in New Zealand.

A working economy means better jobs, higher incomes, affordable mortgages, and a lower cost-of-living. It also means New Zealand can afford the quality public services we all rely on.

National values the contribution seniors have made to the country and we will make sure they are looked after in their retirement.

National’s Commitments to Seniors:

  • Reduce inflation to get the cost of living under control.
  • Continue the Winter Energy payment and free prescriptions for SuperGold Card holders.
  • Keep the Super age at 65 until 2044, increase NZ Super every year, and boost it with our tax relief plan which means a couple on Super get over $600 extra a year.Remove the Auckland Regional Fuel Tax, cancel Labour’s 12 cents per litre petrol tax hikes, and freeze petrol tax for three years.
  • Reduce hospital waiting times, train more doctors and nurses, fund 13 new cancer treatments and lift the age for free breast screening from 69 up to 74.
  • Introduce tougher sentences for criminals, bootcamps for young offenders, and crack down on gangs so New Zealanders feel safer in their homes and community.
  • Make sure your grandchildren are taught the basics brilliantly by requiring schools to teach an hour each of reading, writing and maths every day.

This election is going to be close. New Zealand can’t afford another three years of Labour – let alone three years of Labour, the Greens and Te Pāti Māori with their plans for a wealth tax, jobs tax, trust tax, and more fuel tax.

National will rebuild the economy to reduce the cost of living, lift incomes and deliver better public services for all New Zealanders, including seniors.