National to give young Kiwis a better start at life

National believes that young people are the future of New Zealand and that we must be providing them with opportunities to gain skills and knowledge that can be used to thrive in the modern world, National’s Youth spokesperson Simeon Brown says.

You can read our Youth policy fact sheet here

“We need to ensure clear pathways through education, on the job training and employment so young Kiwis have the best start to their careers. The current job and economic crisis New Zealand faces will have significant consequences for our youth, the need for policies that grow the economy and generate jobs is more pertinent now than ever.

"With the increase in the number of young people applying to be on the benefit, it’s become clear we need better support getting our young people into work. National has a proven track record of reducing youth unemployment. We believe it is vital to invest in our young people to avoid the long term social and fiscal costs a tail of unemployed youth would impose on New Zealand.

National will:

  • Invest in programs and initiatives to ensure young New Zealanders are in training or employment.
  • Target Government assistance, using the social investment approach, to assist young New Zealanders with the transition into adulthood.
  • Double funding for the student hardship fund to continue supporting tertiary students to complete their studies in an economic environment where fewer part times jobs are on offer.
  • Implement mental health and resilience training in primary and secondary schools.

“Our younger generations deserve adequate mental health support. National will require schools to deliver a skilled based mental health and resilience training program from years 1 to 13 to promote mental wellbeing.

“Families are doing it tough due to the current recession. National will double funding to the student hardship fund for the next year to support those students who are from families most affected by the economic impacts of the recession.

“We will create specialist Under 25 Job Coaches at WINZ offices, who will work with young adults who find themselves on JobSeeker Support to develop a personalised, intensive ‘Path to Work’ plan that supports their journey back into employment.

“National are the only Party young Kiwis can really trust to guide them out of this economic crisis. We have the team and track record that will actually deliver for young Kiwis to provide them with a more stable, better future.”

You can read our Youth policy fact sheet here