National to fund TRENZ for two years

A National Government would help rebuild our tourism sector by funding the annual tourism gathering TRENZ, the most significant international travel and trade event in New Zealand, National’s Tourism spokesperson Todd McClay says.

“The tourism industry has faced the largest challenge in modern times due to Covid-19 and the closure of the New Zealand border. Closing the border cut off the international visitor market, worth more than $23 billion in 2019.

“Further lockdowns and business restrictions has put pressure on the domestic market, worth more than $17 billion. As a result thousands of jobs are under threat.

“National will step in to support the tourism industry by providing a $5 million grant to Tourism Industry Aotearoa (TIA) to ensure the TRENZ conference can be held in 2021 and 2022.

“TRENZ 2020 was the first TRENZ to be cancelled since 1999, showing the far reaching impact of Covid-19 on the sector. The conference remains more important than any Government working group because it brings the industry together to help generate plans and solutions from those on the frontline of the Covid crisis.

“It’s important the industry is supported to work together and develop their own strategies alongside Government, so we can save jobs and restore the tourism sector.

“We need to send a message to international visitors and booking agents that New Zealand will be open for business in the future. Otherwise we will miss out on that important boost into our economy.

“National will continue working with the industry to ensure the long term viability of TRENZ as we recover from Covid-19.

“Tourism is an important part of our economy, National will support the sector so we can protect those jobs, create new ones and grow the economy.”