National pledges Three Waters repeal & return

The next National Government will repeal Labour’s Three Waters entity model and return any seized water assets back to councils, Leader of the Opposition Judith Collins says.

“Labour’s proposal to centralise council water assets into four mega-entities, taking them away from local ratepayer control, is hugely unpopular with a majority of councils across New Zealand.

“It’s clear the Government plans to imminently legislate their Three Waters Reforms and make them compulsory for all councils, forcibly seizing ratepayer-owned water assets and bundling them into these new entities.

“If Labour do try to ram their changes through Parliament, National will unwind the four entity model when we form the next government in 2023.

“Knowing Labour’s woeful track record of non-delivery, it’s doubtful anything will have even been accomplished by then in any case.

“The next National Government will also return any seized water assets back to councils.

“Labour needs to urgently halt their Three Waters plans, and abandon their appetite for amalgamation.

“National will continue to strongly oppose the Three Waters asset grab, and we will keep standing up for community decision-making.”