National caring for New Zealand’s senior citizens

A National Government will ensure an environment where senior citizens feel safe, respected and well looked after, Leader of the National Party Judith Collins and National’s Seniors spokesperson Tim Macindoe say.

You can read our full Seniors Policy Factsheet here.

“Seniors deserve respect and recognition for the contribution they have made to New Zealand. It is their sacrifices and dedicated service that has made us the nation we are today,” Ms Collins says.

“They will be particularly targeted by a Labour-Greens Wealth Tax. Retirees are not the super-rich, but simply hard working Kiwis who have saved for retirement. Only a National Government can commit to not introducing a Wealth Tax on retirees.

“My vision is for New Zealand to be a nation where seniors are respected, feel safe and secure and quality health treatment is available in a timely manner. A National Government will ensure this is the case.”

National will:

  • Establish a Seniors Commissioner to be a champion for all seniors

  • Ensure the New Zealand health system is responsive to the needs of seniors

  • Provide couples on superannuation an extra $1,000 and singles an extra $560 from our economic stimulus package

  • Ensure adequate protections exist to prevent elder abuse: including physical, psychological and financial abuse

  • Maintain superannuation payments at no less than 66 per cent of the average ordinary wage for couples and the universality of the superannuation scheme

  • Maintain the Winter Energy Payment and Super Gold Card      

“New Zealanders are living longer than ever before. Those aged over 65 currently make up about 15 per cent of our total population,” Mr Macindoe says.

“National believes seniors deserve a dedicated champion. The Seniors Commissioner will fill this role and provide strong advocacy and representation on issues effecting older people.

“We will also work to enhance the existing SuperGold Card and direct the Office of Seniors to negotiate enhanced discounts for vision, dental and hearing aids.

“National recognises the importance of our seniors and will give them the support they deserve.”

You can read our full Seniors Policy Factsheet here.