Mass exodus of Kiwis continues under Labour

Under Labour’s watch more than 42,000 Kiwis have left New Zealand in the last year.

Under Labour’s watch more than 42,000 Kiwis have left New Zealand in the last year, National’s Finance spokesperson Nicola Willis says.

“New Zealanders are going backwards under Labour with the cost-of-living crisis, rising crime, declining health services and educational achievement.

“According to Statistics New Zealand over half the departures were to Australia – with its lower inflation and lower interest rates.

“Kiwis aren’t just voting at the ballot box, they’re voting with their feet. And while New Zealanders are fleeing high taxes, a weak economy, and decaying public services, Labour continue to blame everything on global factors.

“It’s only with a strong economy that we can deliver the opportunities that allow everyone to get ahead. That’s why National will rebuild the economy so New Zealanders and their families can build a life here rather than in Brisbane and Sydney.

“After six years of more taxes, more spending, and more debt, New Zealand needs a real economic plan. Only National has the plan to deliver world-class infrastructure, reduce the red-tape that’s suffocating business, and deliver tax relief – so Kiwis keep more of what they earn.

“This election is going to be close and critical for the future of New Zealand. New Zealand can’t afford another three years of Labour, the Greens and Te Pati Māori.

“The only way to guarantee change is to vote National. A National government will rebuild the economy to reduce the cost of living, lift incomes and deliver better public services for all New Zealanders.

“People with family and friends who have left should encourage them to vote for change in this election so, one day, they can come home again.”