Light rail’s demise highlights Government's incompetence

The demise of Auckland’s light rail is yet another broken promise by Labour and shows they simply can’t deliver, Leader of the Opposition Todd Muller and National’s Transport spokesperson Chris Bishop say.

“This Government talks big, but delivers little. Light rail will now join KiwiBuild as the prime examples of its epic failure to deliver on its promises to voters,” Mr Muller says.

“Auckland light rail was Jacinda Ardern’s first campaign promise as Labour leader in 2017 and was meant to be up and running between the CBD to Mt Roskill by 2021. But nearly three years on, the project has gone backwards.

“After years of work and millions of dollars spent on consultants, lawyers and policy advice, the Government has got absolutely nowhere.”

Mr Bishop says the Government has been left red-faced by Transport Minister Phil Twyford’s inability to deliver on its cornerstone election promise.

“There is no plan, no route, no cost estimates, no business case, no consents – nothing.

“We don’t even know what type of rail will be used. The Government has never been clear about what its objectives for the project are.

“Unlike Labour, National will deliver on transport, particularly for Auckland. Our plan will deliver the rapid transit system that Auckland needs.

“National will invest in roads and rail to boost jobs, grow the economy, and spur housing development in our largest city.”