Latest income stats shows need for JobStart

The latest income stats released on Friday reiterates the importance of National’s JobStart scheme, National’s Social Development spokesperson Louise Upston says.

“The figures indicate an increase of 1089 in the number of Kiwis on Jobseeker support, taking the total above 190,000 for the first time ever. These numbers are expected to continue to rise after the wage subsidy ends.

“The trend in the current figures show more and more people are losing their jobs and moving onto benefits.

“With job loss numbers continuing grow each day, it’s clear National’s JobStart policy will help those who are being directly impacted by our economic and unemployment crisis.

“The confidence businesses will gain to hire more staff through the JobStart scheme will have a positive impact on Kiwis’ futures and will help families earn an income.

“National will support people to get off the dole, into work and back into the driver seats of their lives.”