Labour’s addiction to spending continues

Labour’s economic credibility took another hit this morning with Prime Minister Chris Hipkins saying that Labour will not revise their spending promises despite the country’s books being in the red, National’s Finance spokesperson Nicola Willis says.

“In an interview this morning Chris Hipkins was asked if he was dropping any policies given the country’s dire finances and he could not provide any examples.

“This is a Labour Government that drove New Zealand into recession. A Government that increased spending by 80 per cent and increased net debt from $5 billion to $100 billion.

“The sad thing is that New Zealanders are no better off – our health system is falling apart, kids are achieving less at school, and crime is out of control.

“Over the last six years Labour has wasted precious taxpayers dollars on failed projects like Auckland Light Rail, the pretend Auckland Bike Bridge and Let’s Get Wellington Moving. They spent half a billion dollars on expired covid tests, $20 million on the failed RNZ/TVNZ merger and $40,000 on a farewell for the head of a government department.

“This Government has zero economic credibility. Labour’s addiction to spending has fuelled inflation and led to higher interest rates which is hurting New Zealanders up and down the county.

“National has a plan to rebuild the economy to reduce the cost of living, lift incomes and deliver better public services for all New Zealanders.

“National will grow the economy by stopping wasteful spending, reducing red tape, giving hard working New Zealanders tax relief, building infrastructure, supporting trade and investment and growing local skills and talent.

“Voters faces a clear choice this election: three more years of a high-spending, high-taxing Labour Government that is not delivering for New Zealanders, or a strong and stable National-led government that will rebuild the economy and get New Zealand back on track.”