Labour ignores official advice again

Labour are pursuing an ideological agenda with their so-called Fair Pay Agreements. They are ignoring official advice and putting workplace democracy at risk, National’s Workplace Relations spokesperson Scott Simpson says.

“These FPAs - a step towards compulsory unionism - fly in the face of everything that has evolved in the workplace for the last 30 years or so. They take away the rights of individuals to negotiate terms, conditions, and rates with their employer and instead the unions will be the winners with a guaranteed surge in membership dues.

“It has become a worrying trend for Labour to ignore official advice and this is another example of it. MBIE clearly recommended less drastic courses of action and warned of ‘significant risks’ in pursing FPAs.

“There are questions to be answered by Minister Michael Wood as to whether New Zealand will be in breach of our international obligations as set out by the International Labour Organisation.

“Making unionism all but compulsory infringes on a person’s right to freedom of association through forcing nationwide sector agreements negotiated for them by unions they have little choice but to join. Individuals should always have the right to choose to join a union or not.

“This Government has big centralisation plans for our entire economy and it is hardly surprising from a Government who has made it plain they think they know best when it comes to just about everything, including how people should engage with their employer, how they should spend their own money, and even what kind of vehicle is legitimate or not.

“The Labour Party is stacked with former unionists, including the Minister in charge of these ludicrous FPAs, Michael Wood, and it shows.

“Undemocratic moves such as this just remind New Zealanders that Labour and the unions are joined at the hip and the wallet. They will always be swayed by ideology and peer pressure rather than common sense and doing what works.”