Labour/Green Govt certain to raise tax & destroy jobs

The one certainty about a Labour-Green Government is that it would raise the taxes Kiwi families and small businesses are forced to pay - and destroy jobs in the process, National’s Finance Spokesman Paul Goldsmith says.

Mr Goldsmith was responding to the Green Party’s policy this weekend that ‘tax is love’.

“Labour has promised not to have any policy this election and so the Greens are filling the gap,” Mr Goldsmith said.

“The Greens announced in June they would demand a Labour-Green Government introduce new taxes on your house, your retirement funds, your business assets, and even your art - and Jacinda Ardern has refused to rule any of those new taxes out.

“Now the Greens say tax is love, and still Jacinda Ardern is silent.

“Labour’s borrowing binge means Kiwi families will be hit by higher taxes - and higher taxes destroy jobs.

“National's Plan is to be much more careful about borrowing, so that we can keep taxes low and give businesses the confidence to create new jobs for the 200,000 Kiwis who are already out of work under Labour.”