Labour follows National’s lead on housing

Labour’s announcement today that their plan to address house prices is to scrap the RMA is to follow where National strongly leads, National Party Leader, Judith Collins says.

“What Labour’s housing announcement is, is an admission of 3 years of failure,” she says.

“Earlier in the parliamentary term I wrote to David Parker and offered to work with him to repeal the RMA. He told me ‘No’, in no uncertain terms.

“Labour’s only answer to housing has been KiwiBuild, and continuing to break their promises.

“Despite vowing to do something about it in the last election, since Ms Ardern became PM, house prices have gone up 27 per cent nationally.

“Rental costs have also gone up an average of $2500 per year for the average house.

“National showed what can be done in our response to the Canterbury Earthquakes. House prices have stabilised in Christchurch and have risen more slowly than the rest of the country.

“Labour has not provided any clarity today on what changes they will make in their new legislation. Only National has the track record of making the changes needed to address housing price rises."