Labour failing first-home buyers

Labour is set to break yet another of its housing promises with the number of first-home buyers getting First Home Grants on track for a record low, National’s Housing spokesperson Nicola Willis says.

In April his year the Prime Minister told New Zealanders more than 12,000 additional first-home buyers would be eligible for the First Home Grant due to her Government’s policy changes.

“Instead the number of grants paid out has dropped each month since, with 1045 paid out in April, and a mere 807 paid out in June.

“Rather than helping more first-home buyers get into their own home, Labour is leaving more in the cold.

“At this rate, not only will the Government fail its own commitment, but it’s on track to get fewer Kiwis into their first home than since the grant scheme began.

“The Government was warned when it announced its change that the caps were too low.  When questioned about this, Housing Minister Megan Woods was adamant she had it right.

“The Minister’s admission today that she got the settings wrong will be of no comfort to first-home buyers who were sold a dud by Labour.

“The number of grants paid to first-home buyers have been dropping under Labour.

“It’s just another case of the Government promising big on housing and failing to deliver.

“It follows in the footsteps of its broken KiwiBuild promise, the shockingly low numbers helped by the Progressive Home Ownership scheme and revelations that the Government is competing against first-home buyers by purchasing hundreds of homes in the private market.

“The underlying issue here is runaway house price inflation. The Government was warned its tweaks in April would not address that and so it’s been proved. 

“Unlike Labour, National has put forward a constructive, detailed plan to zone more land for housing and get more houses built at scale and pace.”

You can find a breakdown of First Home Grants Paid here