Just a minute, Prime Minister

The Prime Minister must release the Cabinet minute which she claims clearly laid out what was expected of officials when it came to implementing the Government’s testing strategy for essential workers at the border and in managed isolation and quarantine, National Leader Judith Collins says.

“If the instruction was so explicit, release the minute,” Ms Collins says.

“If it made clear, as the Prime Minister claims, Cabinet’s expectation that every staff member in those facilities was tested, then release the minute.

“Not releasing it simply leads to speculation that the minute wasn’t clear.

“My staff contacted the Cabinet Office this morning and asked for the minute to be released.

“We have heard nothing since.

“The Prime Minister also needs to explain who saw the minute.

“Was it circulated to all the senior officials responsible for delivering the Government’s Covid-19 testing strategy, so they knew to act on it?

“Release the minute Prime Minister, and deliver a little of the transparency you claimed would be a hallmark of your leadership.”