Infrastructure for the future

Despite the hard work of the previous National government, New Zealand has a large historical infrastructure deficit. This deficit is directly responsible for severely unaffordable housing, costly congestion, and poor quality water infrastructure in many parts of the country.

New Zealand faces major challenges in the planning, funding, consenting, delivery and maintenance of infrastructure. National is determined to fix these longstanding problems once and for all to unleash economic growth, lift incomes, and build resilience.

High quality infrastructure drives economic growth, boosts productivity and enhances our way of life. Delivering infrastructure for the future will be at the heart of the next National government.

National’s Infrastructure for the Future Plan:

  1. A National Infrastructure Agency to coordinate government funding, connect domestic and offshore investors with New Zealand infrastructure, and improve funding, procurement and delivery.
  2. Innovative funding and financing tools to boost investment in infrastructure, and create investment opportunities for ACC, the NZ Super Fund and KiwiSaver funds.
  3. National, City and Regional Deals to partner with local Government to create long-term pipelines of regional projects.
  4. A fast-track consents process to make it easier to build the infrastructureNew Zealand needs for the future.
  5. A 30-year infrastructure pipeline to deliver long-term certainty, enable more effective planning, and reduce project costs.

Read National’s Infrastructure for the Future policy here