Hunting & Fishing

National supports the right of New Zealanders to hunt and fish. Tens of thousands of Kiwis grow up fishing in our lakes and rivers or in the sea.

Many learn to hunt with their friends and family. 

Hunters control animal numbers, protect biodiversity by eradicating pests, and provide food for their families. Hunting and fishing also foster tourism and are pillars of New Zealand’s culture and heritage.

National believes conservation and recreation can work in harmony, and our plan supports the rights of New Zealanders to continue to hunt and fish while protecting and enhancing our natural environment.

National will:

  1. Establish a Minister for Hunting and Fishing
  2. Strengthen the Game Animal Council and designate ‘herds of special interest’
  3. Change the law so game animals are not pests
  4. Guarantee access to public land for hunting and fishing
  5. Establish the ‘Huts of Recreational Importance’ Partnership to maintain huts in the DOC estate
  6. Support Fish & Game New Zealand and protect trout and salmon fishing
  7. Not introduce recreational licences for game animal hunting or sea fishing.

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