Human Rights Commissioner must go

I am calling for the resignation of Human Rights Commissioner Paul Hunt following the news that he used taxpayer’s money to make a donation to the Mongrel Mob when he spoke at their gang pad in May, Leader of the Opposition Judith Collins says.

“It is an incredible lapse of judgement from the Commissioner amongst a series of poor decision-making and is a clear indication that under his leadership the Human Rights Commission has gone completely off track.

“That Mr Hunt and HRC staff thought it was appropriate to donate to one of New Zealand’s largest gangs – who were recently involved in an international gang drug bust resulting in arrests – calls into question their judgement and raises questions as to the priorities of the Commission.

“Jacinda Ardern should be demanding his resignation also, but given her Ministers have also been visiting gang pads she finds herself in an awkward position.

“Government Ministers Marama Davidson and Willie Jackson have both been pandering to gangs – mostly Mongrel Mob – and clearly the Prime Minister has fostered a Government so soft on crime this kind of behaviour is seen as normal.

“We will see Labour and supporters excusing this and no doubt they will attempt to tie this to race. New Zealanders are sick of that narrative being trotted out to excuse poor decision making by this Government and its agencies.

“This is not about race. This is about organised crime and to tie that to Māori and tikanga is actually insulting to the overwhelming majority of Māori who are not in gangs and are just as appalled as New Zealanders of any other race. 

“This sends all the wrong messages. The same wrong messages this Government has been sending since they took office in 2017. We have never seen a Government that is so woefully soft on crime.”

“Mr Hunt must go whether by his own resignation or not. This farce cannot continue.”