Health report overdue and unlikely to be acted on

David Clark has delayed and delayed the release of today’s Health and Disability System Review, and as a result the Government is unlikely to provide a response before the election, National’s Health spokesperson Michael Woodhouse says.

The report was completed by its 30 March deadline. But the Minister refused to address it for months and that is why it’s release has been delayed until today.

“I’m glad the public finally has access to this wide-ranging review, but this should have been released months ago.

“There is no excuse for the Minister to delay its release, he had time to go for bike rides during lockdown but apparently didn’t have time to read a major report on the health system he’s meant to be running.

“What’s worse is that the Prime Minister doesn’t even trust the Minister to handle the response himself, as she has stripped him of this responsibility to do it herself.

“With the election only three months away it’s now unlikely the Government will formally respond to the report in this term. This is a blatant attempt to kick the can down the road and avoid doing their job.

“This is yet another example of the Government failing to deliver on their promises.”