Guns buyback 2.0 spends more on admin than buying back guns

The Government’s second firearms buyback has been confirmed as nothing more than a marketing exercise, with more money spent on administrating the buyback than on actually buying back guns, says National’s Police spokesperson Simeon Brown.

“Figures released by Police show that only $6.2m of the $15.5m allocated to this scheme was actually spent, with only $2.4m of that actually being spent on buying back firearms, meaning $3.8m was spent administering the scheme.

“Not only was more money spent administering the scheme than actually buying back guns but Police confirmed back in April that they didn’t even have up-to-date estimates of how many now prohibited firearms or parts Police were seeking to buy back.

“Rather than focusing on law-abiding New Zealanders, the Government needs to deliver on its promise of introducing Firearm Prohibition Order legislation to take guns off gangs.

“The Government promised on May 11 this year that they would be introducing this legislation to the house, but so far all we have had is an announcement, with no delivery.

“While the Government dithers, gangs continue to perpetrate firearms violence on our streets, making us less safe and putting our frontline Police officers in danger.

“Instead of wasting time redrafting legislation to introduce Firearm Prohibition Order legislation, the Government could pick up my Bill, which has been through a select committee process and is ready to be implemented.

“The Government should be tackling the real problems of unlawful possession and firearms use, rather than spending millions of dollars more on a marketing exercise.”