Growing Tech Sector Part Of Economy Rebuild Plan

A growing tech sector supported by a responsive immigration system will be part of National’s plan to rebuild the economy to end the cost-of-living crisis so all New Zealanders can get ahead, National’s Leader Christopher Luxon says.

“Six years of a Labour government have left New Zealand in recession, with inflation continuing to rise faster than wages, high food prices and unaffordable rents and mortgages.

“This week, the update on the Government’s books gave projections showing the return to surplus being delayed for the third time, government debt blowing out from $5 billion in 2019 to more than $100 billion next year - with an annual $11b interest bill that is more than the Government spends on schools – and the economic slowdown set to persist through to the end of 2024.

“New Zealanders can end this economic misery on October 14 by electing a National Government that will manage the economy well.

“National has a comprehensive economic plan. We understand that growth comes from the hard work, innovation and risk-taking in the private sector. The Government’s role is to partner with sectors so regulations and policies encourage growth and innovation, not get in their way.

“Smarter immigration will help attract top talent to New Zealand so Kiwi tech and other firms access the talent and experience they need to grow, create and innovate.

“The offer to come to New Zealand won’t be restricted to the tech sector. We’re open to recent graduates from the world’s top 100 universities, and to highly-skilled people who work remotely for companies based off-shore.

“In addition, National has specific plans to assist the tech sector with a visa for people who have highly specialised skills and have worked in one of the world’s top global tech companies. A National Government will also have a Minister of Technology to work with the private sector to create the environment that will enable growth.

“A National government will help New Zealand find its mojo and rediscover its confidence, so it competes with the best in the world. Inviting the best in the world to join us, makes sense.

“It’s just one more part of National’s plan to rebuild the economy to end the cost-of-living crisis, provide tax relief, and afford the quality public services on which we all rely.”