Government rules out vaccinating in MIQ

It is ridiculous the Government has no plan to stand up vaccination clinics in MIQ facilities, National’s Covid-19 spokesperson Chris Bishop says.

Answers to written questions reveal the Government is not even considering opening vaccination clinics despite it being recommended by Covid-19 expert Professor Michael Baker

“This is a common sense idea and most New Zealanders will have assumed it was happening already.

“We need to be vaccinating as many people as possible as quickly as possible and when better to do it than when people are staying for 14 days in managed isolation?

“Surely it is possible for the vaccination programme to have a rolling group of people dedicated to vaccinating people in MIQ.

“I have been contacted by people in MIQ who are keen to be vaccinated who are surprised to learn that they aren’t available.

“I urge the Government to sort this silly situation out. With thousands of people going through MIQ each week and then going back out into the New Zealand community, surely we should be giving people the option to protect themselves by getting vaccinated as quickly as possible.”

You can read answers to a Written Parliamentary Question here.