Ginny Andersen snubs victims of dairy robberies

Dairy owners have such little faith in Labour’s ability to keep them safe that they have called off negotiations with the Police Minister completely, National’s Police spokesperson Mark Mitchell says.

“After a 100 per cent increase in retail crime over the last six years and next to no action from Labour, it’s no surprise the Dairy and Business Owners Group says it sees no value in continuing to meet with Ginny Andersen.

“Dairy owners and workers have been on the front line for the shocking increase in crime under Labour, and they are the ones left picking up the pieces after every single ram raid.

“Chris Hipkins’ Labour Government has had six years to address the concerns of businesses and take action to stem the spiralling crime wave. Instead, their focus has been on reducing the prison population by 30 per cent, despite the fact violent crime has increased.

“This is shameful from Labour. Kiwis deserve to feel safe in their homes, communities, and the places they go to shop or work.

“At a time when the economy is going backwards and Kiwis are struggling, the government must listen to the concerns of business owners. Labour is out of touch and has no idea how to confront crime in New Zealand.

“National has a comprehensive plan to tackle the tsunami of retail offending, which is largely driven by youths.

“National will combat youth offending by creating a new Young Serious Offender category targeting ringleaders, establishing bootcamps to put serious young offenders on a more productive path, and empowering community groups to break the cycle of reoffending.

“This election, voters have a clear choice between a tough-on-crime National-led Government that will take urgent action to ensure our communities are safer, or three more years of a Labour-led Coalition of Chaos that is more concerned about offenders rather than victims.”