Gangs recruiting one new member per day

New figures released to the National Party show that gangs are recruiting approximately one new member every single day in New Zealand, National’s Police spokesperson Simeon Brown says.

“The National Gang List has grown to 8061 as of the 30th of June 2021, which is now over 50 percent higher than it was when Labour came to office and is an increase of one gang member per day over the last two months,” says Mr Brown.

“The most significant increase since Labour came to office has been in the Tasman Police District which has seen a 198 percent increase in gang membership, followed by the Wellington Police District which has seen a 105 percent increase in gang membership.

“More gang members means more crime on our streets and more violence in our communities. This year we have seen drive-by gang shootings, armed robberies, and a prison destroyed by gang members.

“Instead of implementing policies which hold gangs and organised crime to account, this Government is cuddling up closer to gangs with Government Ministers speaking at gang pads, officials donating taxpayer funds to gangs, and the Government using the Proceeds of Crime Fund to fund gangs.

“Labour’s policies are recruiting more gang members than police, more victims than prisoners, and the police have said ‘arrest is now the exception’.

“All these activities only serve to further embolden gangs and organised criminals, and don’t leave New Zealanders feeling any safer.

“National is calling on Labour to deliver on its 2017 promise of 1800 additional new police officers, implement promised Firearm Prohibition Orders legislation so Police can take guns from gangs, re-introduce Armed Response Teams, and focus on reducing the crime rate, rather than the prison population.

“National will put the rights of victims before those who choose to commit crime and support our Police and Corrections Officers who put their lives at risk on the front line.”

Attached answers provided in Written Parliamentary Questions (WPQs) can be found here and here.