Foreign Affairs, Defence and Veterans

National’s foreign affairs and defence policy is grounded in the interests and values of New Zealanders. We believe that everything we do on the global stage should serve our national interests and uphold our core values.

National is committed to expanding international opportunities for New Zealanders and businesses while protecting human rights, promoting inclusivity, and advancing democracy, freedom, and security. We support an independent foreign policy that enhances our security, grows trade partnerships in line with our values, and asserts our beliefs alongside our traditional partners.

National supports a strong, combat-ready, interoperable Defence Force able to keep New Zealand safe, protect our Exclusive Economic Zone, and fulfil our global security and humanitarian responsibilities while representing the values of freedom and democracy we hold dear.

The commitment and sacrifices made by New Zealand’s brave servicemen and women deserve not just gratitude, but tangible support. Sadly, many veterans feel undervalued and overlooked. National is committed to honouring the sacrifice and service of veterans while ensuring they receive the care, recognition, and support they deserve.

National will:

  • Prioritise diplomacy, international partnerships, and trade agreements to promote New Zealand’s national interests while upholding our values and engaging constructively with the global community.
  • Maintain a modern, combat-ready military able to protect New Zealand’s Exclusive Economic Zone and collaborate constructively with allies and global partners to address evolving security challenges.
  • Honour the commitment and sacrifice of New Zealand’s veterans and ensure they get the timely support they need.

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