Extent of Mongrel Mob campaign to support Labour revealed

The true extent of senior Mongrel Mob leader Harry Tam’s nationwide campaign in support of the Labour Party shows just how badly the gangs want Labour to remain in government and disproves Chris Hipkins’ denial that the gangs are supporting his party, National’s Police spokesperson Mark Mitchell says.

“Chris Hipkins tried to claim in this week’s TVNZ leaders’ debate it was ‘ridiculous’ to say the gangs are supporting his re-election. New analysis of senior Mongrel Mob leader Harry Tam’s Labour Party endorsement tour proves he was wrong.

“Mr Tam’s campaign has focused on what he has called ‘marginal seats’ and encourages gang members and associates to vote for Labour candidates in these electorates in an effort to stop National getting elected.

“He has been open about endorsing Labour Party electorate candidates and this analysis reveals which Labour candidates can rely on the Mongrel Mob’s support and raises serious questions for these candidates about why the Mongrel Mob wants to see them in Parliament.

“The Mongrel Mob Labour Party endorsement tour has visited all three electorates covering Hawke’s Bay – Tukituki, Napier and Wairarapa, encouraging local Mob members to vote for Labour’s candidates in these seats.

“Chris Hipkins has never been able to explain why the gangs are so desperate to see his government re-elected, but I have a few ideas,” Mr Mitchell says.

“The Eastern Police District has the second-highest number of gang members in the country and the Labour Government gave almost $3 million to the local Mongrel Mob. It’s clear to everyone but Chris Hipkins why the Mob wants to see Hawke’s Bay stay red and see him carry on as prime minister.

“Labour and Chris Hipkins’ soft-on-crime approach has fueled record gang membership, with numbers up 70 per cent under this Government and communities up and down the country are less safe because of it, including Hawke’s Bay.

“Gangs peddle misery, meth and chaos in our towns and Kiwis need a government that’ll crack down on, not coddle, organised criminal groups like these.

“Christopher Luxon and National will crack down on gangs by banning gang patches in public, giving Police the power to issue dispersal and non-consorting notices to gang members and introducing stronger controls to get guns out of gang members’ hands.” 

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