COVID-19 checkpoints must be done by the book

Any checkpoints set up in response to the community case of COVID-19 in Northland must be lawfully mandated by the Government, with police officers present, National’s Police spokesperson Simeon Brown says.

“We don’t want private citizens taking the law into their own hands and stopping people from travelling on public roads.

“Unlawful checkpoints should be quickly condemned by the Police Minister before they set a bad precedent.

“The frustration and anxiety caused by the recent community case in Northland is understandable. It suggests the communities there do not feel the Government is doing enough to secure the border and keep them safe from COVID-19.

“The Police Minister must clarify what is happening with the latest proposed checkpoints to guarantee those travelling around Northland are free to do so, unless health officials say otherwise.

“The Government must get ahead of this situation to maintain law and order in Northland.”