Blueprint for a Better Environment

National’s plan for Environment and Conservation

National is passionate about safeguarding New Zealand's unique natural environment, abundant native biodiversity, pristine waters and spectacular landscapes for future generations. These are the cornerstones of our Kiwi way of life.

National’s Blueprint for a Better Environment promotes sustainable freshwater, protects our oceans and marine life, will enhance biodiversity, and create new opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Labour's disjointed approach to the environment has not delivered results.

With clear, cohesive rules that target better environmental outcomes, National believes growth and prosperity can be achieved within environmental limits. National recognises the value of maintaining flexibility over land use in the face of a changing climate.

Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges we face. National supports a consistent, long-term approach to deliver effective action on climate.

National's Bluegreen vision is for a flourishing, sustainable, prosperous future for our children and grandchildren. Our goal is to restore degraded environments, protect threatened species, support our rural communities, and celebrate the natural beauty of our country to build a greener, more prosperous, and environmentally conscious New Zealand.

National’s plan for a Bluegreen future

  1. Clean up freshwater
  2. Boost biodiversity
  3. Deliver for the climate
  4. Protect and celebrate our oceans
  5. Reduce waste
  6. Fix planning laws

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