Another loop on the roundabout of consultation

More plans, more talk, no achievement – the Minister of Transport is stuck in park when it comes to developing New Zealand’s transport infrastructure, says National’s Transport spokesperson David Bennett.

“A senior member of a Government that is struggling to deliver anything, Michael Wood is taking failure to a new low with more plans but no actual achievements.

"The Let's Get Wellington Moving rapid transit plans offer four options ranging from $5.8 billion to $7.4 billion. They are grandiose and highlight the Minister's fixation on expensive legacy-building public transport projects.

“There is little about the economic case for these projects to add to the infrastructure of wider Wellington region and New Zealand, and they are yet another example of the Government’s propensity for wasteful spending.

“Labour has been in Government for four years and is still yet to deliver another tunnel through Mount Victoria. Instead, it has confused its transport priorities for more rapid transit plans.

“New Zealand's transport network lacks certainty as the Government hops from one light rail project to another. We need to have confidence in these projects with fair evaluations, not as politicised wishlists of Labour MPs.

“This is just another level of consultation and achieves nothing more than extra planning costs. This is money that should be utilised to deliver real transport benefits in Wellington.

“Wellingtonians deserve certainty on the future of the city’s transport, not pipe dreams that will take years to come to fruition.”