Parent Visa Boost

National will support migrants by making it easier for parents and grandparents to reconnect with their family in New Zealand. 

Currently parents and grandparents of migrants who are permanent residents or citizens have limited options to visit their children in New Zealand making other countries a more attractive option to skilled migrants.

Moving to another country can be a stressful time. Providing more options for parents and grandparents to live with their children in New Zealand can help skilled people integrate better into New Zealand, helping with childcare, offering stability and emotional support.

National will introduce a Parent Visa Boost – an innovative multiple entry visa valid for five years with an extension possible for a further five. 

Migrants entering on the Parent Visa Boost must be sponsored by their children or grandchildren and would not be eligible for NZ Super or other entitlements. 

Individuals would also be required to carry health insurance for the duration of their stay and would need to pass standard Immigration New Zealand health and other requirements to receive their visa.

National will get New Zealand’s immigration settings right. If we want to attract and retain skilled migrants, we need sensible solutions that make New Zealand more attractive without costing taxpayers