Justice, Treaty and Governance

The Justice, Treaty and Governance Policy Advisory Group (PAG) focuses on delivering strong effective policies which reduce crime, improve community safety and
help break the cycle of intergenerational family violence and abuse. 

Fundamentally, we need to be very proud of our bicultural founding and starting point and acknowledge a special place for tangata whenua, but we also have to acknowledge we are a multicultural, modern, outward-looking country as well. We interpret tino rangatiratanga within Te Tiriti as partnership, not co-governance, and New Zealand should be governed under one system. Targeted and powerful interventions should also be based off need, rather than based off ethnicity.

Working closely with Members of Parliament, sector leaders, professionals and stakeholders, we will help develop policy that ensures New Zealand is a safe place to live, work and raise a family. That means making sure victims are at the heart of our justice system, offenders are held to account, and Social Investment is used to tackle the causes of crime and help those Kiwis living complex lives who need help.

If you have a particular policy idea you wish to discuss, you can email our policy team here.