Budget 2024 - Getting the Budget Back on Track

Budget 2024 delivers on National’s promises: 
       1. Tax relief for hard working Kiwis
       2. Investing in frontline services
       3. Stopping wasteful Government spending

Delivering tax relief

Budget 2024 delivers tax relief for the squeezed middle, giving average income households up to $102 per fortnight,
plus FamilyBoost childcare payments of up to $150 per fortnight.

Overall, around 1.9 million households will benefit by $60 per fortnight on average.

Our tax package is funded through savings and new revenue measures which means it will not add to Government

Find out how much tax relief you’ll get at https://budget.govt.nz/taxcalculator

Health and Education

Budget 2024 will deliver more doctors, more hospital and specialist services, more breast screening and more mental health services.

In education, Budget 2024 is all about helping Kiwi kids gain the skills they need to fulfil their potential.
Key investments include:

Stopping the waste

Government spending has increased massively in recent years – so we’ve gone through line by line to stop spending
that isn’t delivering results.

In total we’ve found $5.9 billion a year of savings and revenue initiatives. This means that not only is the tax package fully funded
so it won’t add to Government debt or inflation – but there’s another $2.1 billion a year that we’ve reinvested in frontline services like our hospitals, our schools and our police force.

Under National, Budgets will no longer be about how much money we spend, but about what is delivered for Kiwis.

Restoring Law and Order

National is serious about cracking down on crime and keeping our communities safe.

We are investing $651 million over four years to deliver an extra 500 police officers and provide them with the tools
they need to do their jobs.

We are investing in more corrections staff, more prison capacity, military style academies for serious youth offenders,
and more support for help offenders turn their lives around. 

Infrastructure for growth

Building infrastructure around the country is a key part of our plan to rebuild the economy. Major investments in Budget 2024 include: 

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