Women’s wellbeing survey launched

In recognition of International Women’s Day, National’s spokesperson for Women Nicola Grigg, has launched a survey looking into the wellbeing of women in the Selwyn electorate.

“We know that women have been disproportionately impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic in terms of job losses, but what we don’t seem to have a full understanding of is the overarching psycho-social impact the lockdown and enduring stress has had on our wāhine.

“As so many women experienced during the lockdown, they suddenly became the cook, cleaner, carer, home-schooler, and general-provider all while often trying to juggle their own business or work commitments or, worse, dealing with the stress of sudden unemployment.

“I know in my electorate alone, social services are reporting a spike in demand due to relationship breakdowns and marriage separations and – most concerningly – schools and police have reported to me a noticeable rise in family harm incidents.

“There has been a disappointing lack of leadership on the issue of women’s wellbeing from the Government so I am today mailing out hard copies of a voluntary survey to 25,000 residential addresses across Selwyn.

“It is only by gathering data that we can begin to understand the issues and, therefore, possible solutions,” Ms Grigg says.

The survey includes questions like:

  • What level of stress do you have in your personal life?
  • What level of support do you feel in your workplace?
  • Do you have access to counselling or other support?

Ms Grigg says that while the survey is focused on the Selwyn electorate initially, she hopes to roll it out more widely to get a better picture of how women from different backgrounds are dealing with the effects of the pandemic, and what support they may need.

“I will then present the findings to the public, NGOs, the Ministry for Women and the Government once they are collated,” Ms Grigg says.