Supporting Kiwi Women

National backs women to pursue their aspirations and succeed in all walks of life.

You can read our Women's Policy Factsheet here.

While New Zealand has made improvements across many of the key indicators of women’s progress, we acknowledge there is still more work to do. We want all women in New Zealand to be able to access opportunity and participate fully in our economy, so will provide more support for new mothers and will work to reduce barriers to women’s participation in the workforce.

The impact of the pandemic on our economy means many jobs have an uncertain future, so we will put in place significant support to help women retrain, gain new skills, and get back into employment. National has a proud record of increasing the number of women in leadership positions in New Zealand, and this will continue to be a key focus for a National Government.

We also need to ensure we are doing all we can as a country to protect women from sexual and physical abuse, and to advocate and support survivors of historical abuse.

National will:

  • Give all expecting mothers an entitlement worth up to $3000 that can be used to commission services to support their child’s first 1000 days of development.

  • Continue work to reduce unjustified disparities in pay between men and women doing similar work, and identify and address barriers to women’s participation in the workforce.

  • Invest in retraining programmes to help unemployed women get back into the workforce, including SkillStart, which will pay training providers $4000 for every unemployed Kiwi they can retrain and get back into full time employment.

  • Provide targeted funding of $20 million over four years to reduce mortality rates of gynaecological cancer, and a further $200 million to purchase drugs for the treatment of cancer.

  • Re-establish funding for the National Sexual Violence Survivor Advocate, the position previously held by Louise Nicholas, to advocate on behalf of survivors.

You can read our Women's Policy Factsheet here.